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Research Profiles: RePEc

A how-to on all things author-promotion

RePEc is an online archive for Research Papers in Economics. IFPRI uses this service to disseminate IFPRI-published materials to a broader audience. This page will guide you to creating and managing your RePEc author profile, which will allow you to claim economics research within the platform.

The RePEc Author Service aims to link economists with their research output in the RePEc bibliographic database.  This means:

  • Contact details of an author can be traced, even after he/she moves.
  • A public research profile is built, showing all identified works.
  • Author profile can be linked from the description of any work the author claimed as his/hers.
  • Author affiliations can be linked to institutions indexed in EDIRC.
  • A unique identifier for the author, the RePEc Short-ID, is created.
  • It becomes possible to distinguish the works of homonyms.
  • The author obtains regular statistics about downloads and new citations.
  • The collected data is used for various rankings in Economics and Finance, including for authors and the institutions they are affiliated with.

In addition, the credentials created in this service can be used to log into other RePEc services that require authentication, for example MyIDEAS.


Creating an author account

Registered users who claim publications on RePEc receive monthly emails detailing download statistics for your publications. You must complete all 6 steps to be registered for this service.

Managing Author Profiles on RePEc

You must take an active role in managing your author profile. Without your involvement, papers will not be added to your profile, and this can affect your professional, and IFPRI's institutional, rankings.

Searching RePEc

IFPRI is a CGIAR Research Center